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Missing a dog or cat? Click one of the links above to see a current listing of animals currently at the Sevier County Shelter on hold and waiting for their owners to find them. If you don't see your dog/cat and lost them 5 or more days ago also check the adoptable animal's listing

If you see an animal online that you believe may belong to you, please contact us and be prepared to provide proof of ownership to reclaim. 

Utah Code: 11-46-103 Stray animals.

(1) Each municipal or county animal control officer shall hold any unidentified or unclaimed stray animal in safe and humane custody for a minimum of five business days after the time of impound and prior to making any final disposition of the animal.

(2) A record of each animal held shall be maintained.  The record shall include:

(a) date of impound;

(b) date of disposition; and

(c) method of disposition, which may be:

(i) placement in an adoptive home or other transfer of the animal, which shall be in compliance with Part 2, Animal Shelter Pet Sterilization Act;

(ii) return to its owner;

(iii) placement in a community cat program as defined in Section 11-46-302; or

(iv) euthanasia.

(3) An unidentified or unclaimed stray animal may be euthanized prior to the completion of the five working day minimum holding period to prevent unnecessary suffering due to serious injury or disease, if the euthanasia is in compliance with written agency or department policies and procedures, and with any local ordinances allowing the euthanasia.

(4) An unidentified or unclaimed stray animal shall be returned to its owner upon:

(a) proof of ownership;

(b) compliance with requirements of local animal control ordinances; and

(c) compliance with Part 2, Animal Shelter Pet Sterilization Act.

Enacted by Chapter 130, 2011 General Session

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